Clint project spreading in Europe.

Clint project spreading in Europe.
Clint (chess live interface) is an open-source complete website for broadcasting chess tournaments based on pgn4web.
Its development started in 2019, arising from a need of a quality chess games viewer for live broadcasts in Croatia. The alternative then popular DGT viewer was not mobile-friendly and was based on Adobe Flash Player which was to be discontinued at the end of 2020. The chessboard was rather small, its interface was poor and unorganized. The goal of the new viewer was to organize all the content on a single page while keeping the design friendly for mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.
The idea for a better viewer was made possible by pgn4web, a JavaScript chess games viewer which provides efficient broadcasting infrastructure but lacks a good user interface. That was the challenge the new interface started to address.
The first version of clint was published in 2020. The interface evolved during the years and nowadays provides a carefully optimized responsive layout with Stockfish analysis, exporting options (PGN / FEN), colors customization, embedding images and videos, multiple boards view and other features. The setup procedure is simplified so that operators with even very little technical knowledge can easily deploy and customize a nice website for broadcasting chess games.
The new interface quickly became the preferred broadcasting website in Croatia. Clint is also deployed in a number of websites throughout Europe and it seems that chess organizers started to recognize its value.
Being an open source project, clint is available for free to chess organizers all over the world. Chess organizers using clint should give it a proper attribution, so that interested viewers can find the repository and possibly recommend it to other organizers.
Feedback and suggestions are welcome from everyone and will be considered for future development. Code contributions are also welcome.

Bosnia and Herzegovina team championship
Nov 2023, Sarajevo.
Croatian team championship
Oct 2023, Veli Lošinj,
Sep 2022, Poreč,
Sep 2021, Mali Lošinj.
Spanish team championship of Honor
Sep 2023, Linares.
Mitropa Cup
Apr 2023, Mali Lošinj.
Elllobregat Open Chess
Dec 2022, Barcelona.
European Amateur Chess Championship
Aug 2022, Zagreb.
Tournament of Peace
Oct 2022, Zagreb,
Oct 2021, Zagreb.
Croatian juniors team championship
Apr 2023, Novalj,
Apr 2022, Rabac.
Croatian juniors individual championships
Jul 2023, Split,
Jul 2022, Split,
Jul 2021, Split,
Jul 2020, Vinkovci,
Jul 2019, Vinkovci.
Croatian cadets individual championships
Jun 2023, Trogir.
Bošnjaci Open
Jan 2023, Bošnjaci,
Jan 2022, Bošnjaci.
Croatian team chess festival
May 2023, Mali Lošinj,
May 2022, Vodice.
Croatian senior individual championship
Dec 2022, Split,
Jun 2020, Vinkovci.
Croatian open individual woman championship
Aug 2021, Vinkovci.
Sarajevo club championship
Mar 2022, Sarajevo,
Jun 2021, Sarajevo.
Gibchess Battle of the Sexes 2022
Jan 2022, Gibraltar.
Bosnia and Herzegovina cadets and juniors championships
Jul 2021, Bihać.
Croatia Grand Chess Tour
Jul 2021, Zagreb.
10th IT “Konjic 2021”
Feb 2021, Konjic.
Schach-ticker – used as a viewer for collection of tournaments.